Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow, Snow, Snow

We had some cold temperatures and a lot of snow this week. 

Samantha had fun playing in the snow and helping Daddy shovel off the driveway a couple times.  Our snow Saturday was almost 9 inches deep so the pile of snow next to the driveway was fun for Samantha to climb over. 

Sunday was really warm so we put on our rain boots and went for a walk.  Of course Samantha loved playing in the puddles.

Our house work for the week was finishing the drywall and painting in the upstairs closet (there were a lot of corners!).  Chris also finished up the drywall in the bathroom (with the exception of near the shower).  I was able to finish painting the railing parts and all the doors.  We should be able to finish painting the bathroom and putting down the backer board for the tile too. 

I did a little extra painting this weekend.  A friend in my book club celebrated her 60th birthday with a painting party.  We painted "Aurora Through the Trees" and had a lot of fun.  I'm not an artist but I think I did alright - Samantha was able to describe the painting when I showed it to her!

Now for a few kid things from the week. 

Samantha is starting to improve her drawing and coloring.  Here is a picture she drew of Josh - his head is the small scribble on the right and his arms/hands go up and down instead of to the sides.  

She was really proud of the Mardi Gras mask she made.

Overall Samantha is a pretty good eater but every once in awhile she starts playing with her food once she's full.  Here's what she did with her clementine and cereal this week.

And she enjoys building towers every time she plays with blocks.  Future architect?

Josh likes getting into everything possible.  One of his favorites is storming the castle.  One day he pulled himself up, threw all the princes on the ground, picked up a princess and started chewing on her head.  He looked like a mini-King Kong.  

During all the snow shoveling outside, he really likes sitting on the couch with me watching all the activity.

Hopefully we'll be able to get a lot accomplished upstairs this week - we can't wait to move the furniture out of the basement!

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