Monday, March 30, 2015

Almost Done...

We were able to finish up a lot of the bathroom this week.  The shower and floor are grouted and the vanity, lights, shelves, and toilet are all in place. 

I moved a ton of stuff downstairs that was not necessary for the remaining work.  It gave Chris plenty of space to install most of the trim.  Hopefully we'll be able to caulk and touch up the paint this week.

While Chris installed the trim, I took the kids to an egg hunt.  Samantha loved it and even Josh was able to collect several eggs for his bucket.  They did a nice job with crafts, cookie decorating, face painting, and even a couple moon bounces.

We also had an egg hunt today with my MOPS group.  Josh's face says it all - it was a blast!

Last week we hosted a St. Patrick's Day play date (a week late) with some friends.  Samantha loved the Irish music and requested it for many days afterwards.  Josh was a happy little leprechaun too.

Samantha had so much fun during the play date but wasn't so thrilled about the green mustache and goatee!  

I'll end with a couple pictures from the week.  Josh really enjoys knocking things down so Samantha and I started to build towers with yogurt containers.  Most of the time he'd only let us get two stacked but we finally made one almost to the ceiling (he loved knocking that one down!).

Samantha has been coloring a lot lately.  When the crayons are left unattended, Josh makes a beeline for them.  Unfortunately, one of these times was while I was getting dinner started.  He nibbled on quite a few colors before I realized why he was so quiet.  Little stinker!

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