Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Major Progress

We've been working hard to finish the upstairs - it always takes longer than we anticipate.  We were able to finish up a lot though.  The doors have been installed, the lights are installed, and the electricity is turned on.  The biggest progress though is the tiling in the shower and on the floor. 

I still have to grout the floor but overall it's a big improvement from what it looked like when we bought the place:

The work still to be done includes installing all the bathroom fixtures, installing trim, installing the railing, touching up drywall and paint, installing carpet, and painting the stairs.  It'll still be at least a couple weeks - just in time for it to get nice outside.

It has been warm a few days so the kids have been going outside with Chris when he gets home - and they love it!  It's been a long winter.

Josh has been more active lately - he loves jumping on the couch when Daddy is coming home.

And here he's trying to cut one of Samantha's princesses with a plastic knife - we'll have to watch this little guy! 

We had a big snow last week and tried to play in it.  Unfortunately, it was a little too deep for the kids to do much. 

I'll end with some pictures from the science center.  Samantha's friend was turning 3 so we all went to celebrate.  Josh loved the water table and Samantha really enjoyed building towers and playing in the undersea area. 

Hopefully next week we'll have plenty to show for the upstairs!

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