Monday, August 23, 2010

Floors and Furniture

The small bedroom floor had a lot of black stains on part of the floor. Unfortunately, this was caused by cat pee so it was quite stinky too. In order to remove the odor, we had to remove part of the floor (Monday) and replace it (Tuesday).

On Wednesday, we cleaned up the whole house to get ready for our house appraisal. We are re-financing and this was hopefully the last step before the closing. The appraiser that came on Thursday had just about no personality – we hope that has no effect on her giving us a good appraisal!

I had jury duty on Thursday and we were let out a little early. Before Chris came home, I transformed the nice new medium bedroom to a storage room (it only took a few hours and a lot of sweat). We needed to move everything out of the den, dining room, living room, and small bedroom so that we can finish the hardwood floors. I’m glad I inherited my dad’s packing skills – there are definitely boxes stacked within 6 – 12” from the ceiling!

We had reserved the floor sander for Friday afternoon but we got there 2 minutes late and they had already locked up. Instead, we bleached the stains on the dining room floor. The stains were not completely removed but they were lightened quite a bit. We also started looking for a nice big rug to cover them up!

Saturday was extremely busy. Earlier in the week we found our bedroom furniture on Craigslist for $600. We went to see it (and pick up a couple pieces) on Tuesday and picked up the rest on Saturday. The furniture was in Towson and we were fortunate to get it all into one load (car and truck). We plan to refinish the furniture eventually since it’s about the same shade as our floors.

We also got a large rug on Saturday afternoon – once again on Craigslist. It’s not our favorite but it is definitely large enough for our dining room table.

We picked up the sander Saturday afternoon and started sanding, sanding, sanding. We finished sanding the den (with 36, 60, and 80 grits) that night.

Sunday, after church, we finished installing the floor boards in the small bedroom (the ones that need to be top nailed) and we sanded the dining room and small bedroom floors with 36 and 60 grit. We patched the holes and dents in the floors so that we’ll be ready to finish sanding those rooms tonight.

It’s amazing how such a big job can be turned into such a small statement – we sanded the floor. It makes us look like slackers but if you’ve ever done this type of work you know that it couldn’t be farther from the truth!

One interesting thing from this week was noticing all the mushrooms in the backyard that seem to grow so fast that you could watch them pop up from the ground. It started as a couple mushrooms and then Chris cut the grass. It is now a very large figure 8 because he did a good job of running over the original mushrooms and spreading the spores.

Our plan for this next week is to completely finish the living room floor.

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