Monday, August 30, 2010

Our House is Shrinking!

During the last couple weeks, it felt like our house was starting to come together. Now we’re living in complete disarray again. Fortunately this is only temporary and we have to keep reminding ourselves of that.

The week started off with the final sanding in the living room, dining room and small bedroom. This was with the big beast “U-Sand”er. We were so happy to take that back to the rental place for the last time!

The rest of the week (with a couple exceptions) we kept busy with staining and applying polyurethane.

Tuesday: stained the den
Wednesday: polyed (yes, I made up that word) the den and stained the small bedroom
Thursday: polyed the small bedroom
Saturday: put the second coat of poly on the den and small bedrooms and stained the dining room
Sunday: put the final coat of poly on the den, the first coat on the dining room, and stained the living room

Whew! I’m tired and dizzy just writing about it (the fumes definitely got to me!)!

One big accomplishment this week was Chris finishing the threshold in the foyer/living room. Back in February, yes, February, we had removed the floorboards in the foyer because it looked like this:

Yuck! It smelled like dog urine too…

Anyway, we had replaced a lot of the boards and because we were having trouble lining up the boards from the hallway to the living room, we decided to put in a perpendicular threshold. For the past six months, we have had to step over the big gap in the floor (for some reason I don’t have a picture of it).

The big reasons that this was put off (besides focusing on other tasks), was that we didn’t have the necessary tools and Chris was still not sure of the right way to go about it. Wednesday night he worked on it a lot and Thursday night it was finally installed. I think it looks great (and smells much better!). Sorry, these aren’t the best pictures of it…especially because of the half stained area.

So now I’ll tell you why it feels like our house is shrinking. Because we’re working on the den, dining room, living room, and small bedroom all at the same time, we have had to do some rearranging. Our medium bedroom is packed to the gills (see last week’s entry), we have a ton of extra stuff in our bedroom, our hallway is being used for tool storage, the foyer is housing the living room chair and we had to move our couch into the kitchen. So in a big house like this, we are now living in two rooms – our bedroom and the kitchen.

On one last (disgusting) note, we finally found out what has been eating some of our tomato and pepper plants. The biggest worms we have ever seen! This thing tried to eat Chris’ finger – check out those fangs!

This week we hope to finish up the floors…then it’s on to painting – yay!

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