Monday, August 2, 2010

Painting and Furniture Shopping

We have been sleeping in the dining room for the last four months and we are very anxious to finally have a bedroom to sleep in. We focused early this week on getting the master bedroom ready. Monday night we painted the ceiling and Tuesday night we painted the walls. We continued painting on Sunday – priming the medium bedroom and attempting to paint the trim in the master bedroom (we need to change paint colors because it looked too dingy).

We were hoping to have new bedroom furniture before we move into the room (plus neither of us has ever had new furniture). We went furniture shopping three nights in a row and were unsuccessful. We don’t like most of the styles that are out now (still don’t know why leather headboards are all the rage now…) and the ones that we do like are way above our price range. So I guess we’ll have to live with what we have for the time being.

We had a very exciting morning on Thursday. Chris let Tucker out in the yard to go to the bathroom and as soon as he got out of the house he took off at a sprint – directly towards a deer that was eating some of our grass. The deer was startled and tried to jump over the fence – she was so startled that she could quite make it all the way. Tucker kept ignoring Chris and was chasing the deer and the deer kept trying to (unsuccessfully) jump the fence. The previous owner had put a strand of barbed wire on the top of the fence because she had really mean dogs. The deer kept running into it and by the time she was able to find a way out of the yard her head and neck were a bloody mess.

We thought that was a bad way to start the day but unfortunately the bad stuff wasn’t over yet. We got ready for work and went out to my car. As soon as I opened the door I knew that someone had been in my car the night before – the glove box and console were opened and the contents were strewn about. The same thing happened in Chris’ car. We don’t keep our cars locked in our driveway because we don’t keep anything valuable in there but it still makes you feel violated. We think it was the teenaged kid that lives on the next street – we reported it but they can’t do much if nothing is stolen.

On Saturday we got a visitor – our friend’s dog, Ginger. This year we are swapping dog sitting duties for vacation. We’ll have her for the week and we think Tucker enjoys having another dog around – I think we’ll have to add another dog to our family soon!

Saturday was also my branch picnic. We have it every year at a co-worker’s house on a river near the bay. He has a big catamaran that took us all out for a ride. This was the first branch picnic that I have been to that wasn’t rainy or really hot.

We don’t have much more to finish in the master bedroom – paint and install trim, install ceiling fan, and install radiator covers. Hopefully by next weekend we’ll be all moved into the master bedroom.

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