Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So Close…

Chris did a wonderful job installing the trim on the window and door in the bathroom but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it completed (the photo below is with it un-caulked and un-painted.

He also worked to install the valves for the toilet and sink lines.

While he was busy doing smelly stuff (pregnant ladies shouldn’t be around plumber’s cement and paint), I spent some time being a good housewife. I cooked and cleaned and shelled 4 pounds of almonds. I know most people buy them already out of the shell but it was a really good deal!

So the big things we planned to accomplish were installing the toilet, vanity, and fixtures. Unfortunately, we ran into some problems.

The toilet is installed but it still gurgles when you flush it. We re-used the toilet from the original bathroom because it was a 10” offset. But now we may need to buy a new one because of the gurgling (it did this in the old bathroom too but we thought it might be a plumbing thing at that point).

The vanity we purchased is very nice but once we put it in place we felt that it made the bathroom a little crowded. It meets code easily and is very close to the NKBA “recommended” distance but it still feels cramped. We left it in place to see if we could live with it but we haven’t made a decision yet. The options are either to order a custom vanity (super expensive around here) or to have Chris make one. Either way we won’t have a vanity for awhile unless we go with what we have.

In baby news, I continue to grow. It’s hard to believe that I will be considered full term next week! I still haven’t packed a bag for the hospital (I do have a list of what to pack though!) or cleaned our bedroom (which desperately needs it!). I have worked hard on getting the guest rooms and nursery in decent shape. We also installed the car seat bases this weekend so now we can at least bring the baby home!

Hopefully I can clean the rest of the house before the baby arrives!

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