Monday, January 23, 2012

Trudging Along…

We made so much progress last weekend that this week it was a little harder to see the progress that we made.

Chris spent a lot of quality time with drywall compound – he’s very close to being able to prime the walls and ceiling.

One of the big things missing in the main bathroom is a vanity – the one we purchased before was just too big. We’ve been looking for a long time for an 18” deep vanity and haven’t been able to find anything that would work. So we finally purchased one online Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon, Chris found an even better (and less expensive) one at Home Depot. So now we’re trying to cancel the online order so that we can buy the Home Depot one. The one at Home Depot is similar to the one below but the vanity top is a lighter color.

Hopefully by next weekend the main bathroom will be a lot closer to finished but for now it looks like this:

We also spent a lot of time figuring out our tile for the master bathroom. Every time we looked at tile, we always seemed to come back to marble. We looked for a long time for something that looked like marble without the price tag but didn’t have any luck. So we decided that we would just bite the bullet and pay for marble.

Like the main bathroom, we kicked around a lot of different designs for the shower tile. The one that finally won is below. The shower won’t look exactly like this but it’s not too far off – I’m still not sure why the tile looks so gray...

I am only two weeks away from my due date – it’s so hard to believe! We ran a lot of errands on Saturday and actually ordered the chair for the nursery (below). It may not be here by the time the baby arrives but we have my old chair from college that will be sufficient in the interim.

I am apparently starting to nest a little more – I went through most of the kitchen cabinets and reorganized a ton of things, made waffles for breakfast (Chris had to take a picture for proof), and cleaned parts of the house. I hope Chris isn’t going to expect this all the time!

Well, that's about it for the week. The big projects for this week are to install the main bathroom vanity and install the shower pan in the master bathroom. Hopefully the baby stays where it is for a couple more weeks at least!

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