Monday, January 30, 2012

Non-Bubbling Toilet and Tons of Marble!

This week was just filled with fun. We picked up the vanity at Home Depot on Tuesday night. It was too heavy for me to help get it in the house so I had to run over to the neighbors to try to get some assistance.

Once it was inside, we moved it into the bathroom to see if it would fit. Of course it looked great but the drawers were touching the valves for the plumbing. So our options were to shorten the drawers or to move the plumbing. We chose the latter.

So what should be a simple job (installing the vanity) turned into much more work. Chris spent a lot of time cutting a big hole in the drywall, shutting off the water, cutting out the old plumbing, making 6 trips to hardware stores to find the right valves, installing the new plumbing lines, installing the valves, checking for leaks, removing the valves, installing the drywall, reinstalling the valves, taping, mudding, priming, and painting. Fortunately, now the valves are in the right place and we should be able to install the vanity this week.

Because the vanity has legs, we needed to tile underneath. Chris tiled around the legs last night and we’ll be able to grout that area tonight. Then all the tiling in the main bathroom will be complete!

Friday of this week was like Christmas because so many items showed up at the house. The first one was the expensive toilet. Chris installed it on Saturday and we are happy to report that it doesn’t bubble when you flush – we are so glad that it was the toilet and not the plumbing causing the problem!

We knew the marble tile for the master bathroom was supposed to arrive between 10 and 6 on Friday. Of course the truck pulled up at 5:45. I asked nicely (while rubbing my big pregnant belly) if the guy could back the truck into the driveway before unloading. The “company policy” prohibited him from doing this so the tile was left about 10 feet from the road.

I spent some time lugging the 12 smaller, lighter boxes of marble into the house (which is not very easy with a big belly in the way!). Chris used his big muscles to bring in the 12 big, heavy boxes when he got home. Now the tile will sit in our living room until we’re ready to start tiling the master bathroom.

On Sunday afternoon we visited with some friends. They purchased a huge house about 6 months ago and had a ton of issues with it – mostly plumbing. Fortunately for them, many areas of the house were move-in ready but had some small things that can be addressed later (uneven tile, etc.). We had a nice time relaxing, talking, and eating truffles! Then we had to get back to reality (and work).

So you may be wondering what I did while Chris was working in the bathroom. I did do a lot of work but I don’t have much to show for it. With the baby on the way we’ve needed to get the house cleaned and organized for a long time. So I spent a lot of time working on the dining room, den, nursery, and master bedroom. It’s amazing how much stuff we have in this house!

The sad part is that the cleanest room in the house is the dining room – and all we normally do is walk through there on the way from the den to the kitchen (and vice versa). Hopefully this week I can finish up some rooms that we spend more time in (and consequently collect more dirt and clutter).

In baby news:
I am one week from my due date.
We’re down to 5 names (2 boys, 3 girls).
We still haven’t packed a bag for the hospital (but have some items set aside).
I have gained 32 pounds and my belly is starting to get in the way.
I’m completely useless at work.
The baby has been kicking and elbowing me a lot lately – I guess it’s getting a little cramped in there!

Keep your fingers crossed that we can get the main bathroom completely finished before the baby arrives! And prayers for a healthy baby and easy delivery would be much appreciated too!


  1. Bubbling toilet? Do you mean the gurgle or was it actually creating bubbles? Either way the new toilet looks good! And the new tile sounds amazing! I can't wait to see it in use. That sucks that you had to move the plumbing around. So much work for such a small change.

    1. The toilet trap would release a large bubble into the bowl just after flush. It was an American Standard, not a cheap no-name brand. We thought the bubble was due to the old plumbing, but it must have been the toilet. Who knows want our contractor or previous owner may have tried to flush! The new toilet works quite well and only uses 1.28 gal/flush.

  2. You keep mentioning this big belly, so where's your belly picture? :)