Monday, February 6, 2012

Main Bathroom Reveal!

The main bathroom is now finished! Well, not fully finished but the only things remaining are a bead of caulk, a new door, and a threshold. So without further ado, the main bathroom:

It is so nice to have a full working bathroom on the main level! And we really like the smaller vanity we chose – much better than the enormous one we picked first!

This weekend we were busy. We have needed to give the house a really good cleaning for awhile and we finally got to take care of it. We vacuumed up enough dog hair to make another Tucker! I think this is the cleanest that the house has been since the 1960s! We still have some clutter to go through but we’ve accumulated it all in the living room to go through as we have time and energy.

One small thing we did that makes a big difference was hanging curtains in our master bedroom. Our next door neighbors put on a big addition to their house last year and one thing they added was a new door and bright lights. The lights are kept on all night and shine right into our room. We have had curtains for many months but just recently bought some curtain rods so that we could hang them. Now our bedroom is so dark that we keep sleeping in – it’s actually very nice!

In baby news, today is my due date. The baby appears to be very comfy and doesn’t seem to want to arrive today. Everyone is shocked that I’m at work but I have no idea what I would do if I was just sitting at home.

I definitely look big! I still feel well (except for the heartburn and some random contractions). The baby’s head is low but I’m not dilated or effaced at all (as of last Tuesday). I’m up to about 31 pounds gained and can’t easily see my feet anymore.

Hopefully the next post will be the baby’s birth – we’ll keep our fingers crossed!


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to come over and see the new baby and the new bathroom! :)

  2. The bathroom looks great and so do you! Have a happy and healthy last couple weeks.