Monday, February 27, 2012

We Now Work at a Snail’s Pace

We’re so happy to have Samantha in our lives but it has definitely slowed down our work on the house. On Saturday we were able to accomplish a couple things while she was napping – but the nap didn’t last nearly long enough!

We really need to finish up our bathroom projects. Chris worked on reconfiguring the shower shelf in the master bathroom. We decided that we wanted a large shelf for things like shampoo and then a smaller shelf for razors, etc. It’ll be more work when we tile but it’ll be worth it.

There are a couple things that have been bothering us. One was the light switches in the master bedroom. Two of them were very low on the wall and turn on the outside lights. We decided to move them up and over so that the box was not behind the shower (even though we have no plans for water to get behind there!).

The second thing was the thermostat in the hallway. When the bedroom doors are closed, the thermostat keeps calling for heat and the bedrooms are sweltering. So we moved the thermostat into the master bedroom instead. Now we just have some plaster to patch!

After church on Sunday we took Samantha on her very first trip to Lowes. She was very well behaved and hopefully that will continue since we seem to spend a lot of time there!

On Sunday evening we finally put together Chris’ gas grill. I bought this for his birthday in December and it has been sitting in the box in the garage since then. After it was all assembled he made us some yummy steak (and yes he moved it outside before lighting it!).

In baby news, Samantha had her second pediatrician appointment on Friday. In ten days she had gained a full pound – apparently she’s eating well! She’s in the 75th percentile for length and the 25th percentile for weight.

We started immersing her for her baths and she likes it much better than the sponge bath.

She loves when Daddy comes home to cuddle with her.

And of course she had her weekly pictures taken…

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