Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Bundle of Joy (and a tiny bit of house work)

Well this week was much more normal than the previous one. Samantha is strong and healthy and starting to get into a routine (eat, play, sleep, repeat).

The weather was wonderful on Tuesday so we took her for her first walk. She slept most of the time but I think the fresh air was good for all of us.

Chris went back to work on Wednesday so my mom came down to help out around the house. It was great to have her here – she helped do the laundry, clean the house, make food, and worked on stripping our bedroom furniture (yes, we’re still not done with it!). I think I would have been extremely overwhelmed had I been here with Samantha alone.

On Friday, the Briczinski’s visited – it was amazing to see what a size difference there was between Scott (at 5 ½ months) and Samantha! We keep telling our baby girl that she’s not allowed to grow but I don’t think she’s listening!

Chris’ parents came down for the weekend to meet their newest grandchild – Samantha is number 12! We had a nice time visiting. The weather was very nice so we were able to take her on another long walk outside on Saturday.

Samantha attended church for the first time on Sunday. The priest introduced her to the congregation at the end of mass and we received many congratulations.

We’ve learned so much about our little peanut so far – she is not too fond of tummy time (she can lift and turn her head though!)…

…she loves sleeping on her side with her hands near her face and her hat off…

…she sometimes resembles a Glow Worm…

…and she has a lot of different facial expressions (she takes after her mom!).

We got to take a family picture – none of us look that great but at least we’re all together!

I hope to take a weekly picture of Samantha to see how she is changing (idea from Young House Love) and growing (from Diane and Steve’s blog).

You got to see how my belly grew each month – now here is a shot of what was in my belly all that time (I stole this idea from my friend Amanda!).

In house news, we started our seeds for the garden. We planted a ton of tomatoes, peppers, and some other random vegetables (eggplant, broccoli, etc.). We also planted some flowers for the front porch and marigolds for around the garden. Hopefully they’ll sprout soon and we’ll get a good harvest this year.

In the next few weeks we hope to get some work done on the master bathroom. Our living room is filled with a ton (literally) of marble tile. It’ll be nice when we finish it all up and our main level will be fully functional!

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