Monday, March 5, 2012

Tree Pruning and Shower Floor Work

After work this week Chris worked on pruning the trees out back. We kept waiting for the weather to get cold to prune but we never had a winter this year – hopefully it won’t hurt the trees! It’s great to have it done but now we have a big pile of tree limbs out back and the county doesn’t start picking them up again until early April.

The end of the week was spent preparing the master bathroom shower floor for tile. Chris installed tar paper and backerboard for the shower shelf. We have to install drywall on the back of one of the pieces of backerboard so we installed a waterproof material on the back so there is no chance of any leaking in the future.

While cutting some small pieces of backerboard Chris had a little incident with the utility knife – a deep 2” cut on his finger. That made the rest of the work much more difficult.

Fortunately, Samantha decided to take a couple long naps this weekend so I was able to help out. I installed some blocking near the bottom of the shower to keep the mortar bed in place. Then together we installed the tar paper and mesh on the shower floor.

We purchased the Quick Pitch system to help get the proper slope for the shower floor. We had to mix up about 80 lbs of sand and Portland cement for the pre-pitch layer. We should definitely wear gloves next time – our hands are like sand paper today.

Chris did a great job installing the mortar bed. Once it cures, we need to put in the waterproof membrane and then the second layer of the mortar bed. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish it this week (if Samantha cooperates with her naps!).

This week was a pretty good one for Samantha – she’s still gaining a lot of weight and has been sleeping in 3+ hour stretches at night. She enjoys her baths and is starting to smile a lot more. She seems to stay awake a lot during the day so her napping has a lot to be desired…something for us to work on! Here are some pictures from this week.

My parents are headed down this coming weekend so hopefully we’ll have more to report on next week!

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