Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby’s First Easter!

There were a lot of non-house events this week.

On Monday Samantha had a professional photo shoot – we have to wait a couple weeks before we see the pictures but I think she looked adorable (but I am her mother!).

Once the photo shoot was complete we drove down to have lunch with Chris. After lunch we visited work and everyone was happy to meet Samantha.

On Tuesday, Samantha and I walked up to the elementary school to vote in the Maryland Primary. Then we went to visit Cat and see their new house – it’s enormous!

Samantha and I went to our first "New Mom's Support Group" on Thursday. We met a bunch of other new babies and moms and had a great time. There were a couple babies born within a day or two of Samantha. The entire time they were good and sleeping and Samantha was sitting and looking around everywhere (for 2 ½ hours!). I need to ask them how they get their babies to nap!

Since we removed the trees a couple weeks ago there is a big empty space between us and the neighbors. We met with them to talk about what we want done in that area. Most of it will probably be grass but we do want some small things planted to hide some of the ugly utility boxes in that area.

Chris has been working a lot on finishing the drywall in the master bathroom. It takes forever to finish up all those corners!

For Easter weekend we drove to Pennsylvania. It was Samantha’s first trip and she did very well. On Saturday she met Ryker (the neighbor’s grandson who is three weeks younger). We tried to get some pictures but they were very uncooperative! Samantha kept trying to elbow Ryker in the neck…

Samantha also got to meet most of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. She was spoiled by the Easter bunny (and my family!).

Here are some of this week’s pictures (it’s hard to believe that 8 weeks have passed!):

On house work, we hope to at least finish up the drywall and prime the walls before the inspections on Wednesday. Wish us luck!

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  1. Samantha looks so beautiful in her Easter dress, and that is a great picture of all three of you!