Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning Gone Wild

My family is having a garage sale back home in a couple weeks. While Samantha was sleeping one morning I brought up a bunch of the boxes from the basement. So our nice clean living room turned into this…

We were able to go through the boxes and get rid of a lot of things. The items we decided to keep are now in the dining room but I should be able to find places for everything. Hopefully our house will go back to being uncluttered very soon. Chris worked on finishing the tile in the bathroom. He installed the tile on the bottom of the shower. The remaining tile all requires special cuts (mostly bullnose). We hope to get them put in this week.

Samantha and I took a trip up to Pittsburgh together to attend my friend’s baby shower. We drove up on Friday and were able to visit some friends. Unfortunately Samantha was a very cranky baby. It was great to catch up with friends at the shower…Samantha was pretty good while we were there. While we were away, Chris worked on the HVAC system plan and attended a beer competition. He was able to relax some so he could hit the ground running on Sunday. Sunday was beautiful so we worked outside. I worked more on the planters – now it’s just a matter of putting in the liner, water reservoir, soil, and plants. It shouldn’t take very long!

Chris fixed the tiller so that he could get our garden ready for planting. He got some of it tilled and then another part of the tiller broke. So we may just rent one this week instead. Samantha is starting to hit a lot of milestones lately. She practically stands on her own (she’s been doing this for a few weeks already), she is cooing, and she is working on blowing razzberries (it’s so cute when she tries and fails!).

She loves looking at lights (particularly ceiling fans).

She slept in her crib for the first time last night (and did a great job besides ending up at the opposite end from where she started).

She loves sucking on her hands and has found her thumb a few times.

Here are some other photos from the week.

We hope we’ll make some more progress on the bathroom this week…

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