Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hurricane Chris Hits the Money Pit

This week was productive but not much work was completed on the bathroom. We are down to the tiles that all need special cuts (bullnose on both sides, etc.). We hope to get more completed this week.

We did get to go through a lot of the stuff in the basement. We have a months’ worth of recycling with all the boxes we had collected. Yes, I am a box hoarder…you just never know when you need a good box! I was happy to get rid of them though. Our basement feels so much bigger now and will soon be ready to install the HVAC ducts.

I also worked more on the planters. I have had to work on them piecemeal because Samantha doesn’t let me get much work done all at once. I had finished the assembly last week and just had to install the liners and tubing for the water reservoir. I started putting in the potting mix but wasn’t able to finish – hopefully this week.

We had great weather this week so we worked a lot outside. Chris started tilling the garden but had mechanical difficulties. He was able to fix the tiller and then had the pull-start handle break. He replaced it and then the handle broke again when he was giving it a tune up. Hopefully he can either fix it or we can rent one so that we can plant soon.

Chris went a little crazy with the tree pruning and removing bad trees on Sunday afternoon. It definitely looked like a hurricane hit the backyard. But the trees look better and are much healthier now.

We have so many bundles of branches set out for pickup and we’ve only bundled about half of what he cut down. It’s just one more thing we’ll have to do this week.

One reason we didn’t seem to get much done over the weekend is because we went to a wedding on Saturday. It was our first time leaving Samantha with someone other than family. She was a “little sister” for Jared and Scott for the day. For some reason she took three good naps while she was there…I need to have Diane come over when she won’t nap for me!

The wedding was for our friends Tom and Danielle. They had the ceremony outside at the Inner Harbor and had great weather. It was so nice to have a “date” and not have to do any house work that day!

It was a pretty busy week for our little girl. We met with the New Mom’s group on Monday at the mall for lunch and then for our normal Thursday meeting we went to the library. The library has a lot of great programs for kids. The one we attended was called “Play Partners” and was filled with songs, books, and puppets. Samantha really enjoyed it so I think we may make it part of our weekly routine (they have it twice a week).

Samantha is getting much better at the “razz”berries, learned to stick out her tongue a lot more, and is sucking her thumb most of the time. We think she is going through a growth spurt because she’s been waking at night to eat and she’s been taking many more (and longer) naps than usual.

Here are pictures for the week.

The goal for this week is to finish the planters, till the garden, and to finish the tile in the shower. Wish us luck!

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