Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother’s Day and Gardening

This was my first Mother’s Day and it was wonderful. Chris made me both breakfast and a very nice dinner. I got flowers, a card from Samantha, and bison (not the traditional Mother’s Day gift but it’s so tasty!). Hopefully Chris will have an equally wonderful Father’s Day!

We were able to get a little bit of work done in the bathroom this week. The tiles remaining are the unique cuts. Some of them require a double bullnose cut (one on each side). This means we have to switch blades on the saw quite frequently.

Since the trees in our front yard were removed last month we knew we needed to do some landscaping. The area needing the most work is partly on our property and partly on our neighbors. They got a landscaper in to give them a quote to smooth out that area. While he was there we asked for a quote to smooth and seed our front yard. Normally this is something that we would tackle ourselves but with all the heavy equipment involved we decided to pay for it.

Our front yard has a ton of roots on the surface and large holes (from getting the trees cut down). Also, the majority of the yard is really weeds (very little grass). The work we’re paying for should make the whole area much better.

It seems like the area between the properties has a lot of very large rocks (boulders?). They are so big and we have no idea how they are going to remove them all.

They brought in 30 yards of topsoil on Thursday and once everything is smooth they will seed the yard.

The big accomplishment for the weekend was all the yardwork. Chris finished cutting down/up trees so we can put all the yard debris out for collection soon.

We had to rent a tiller (ours is having some issues) in order to get our garden planted. Chris worked all night Friday to finish tilling. On Saturday, I planted and planted and planted. We have a very large garden and two big planters. Hopefully they will all start growing well now that the plants are in the ground. We’re glad we’ll have so much fresh food here since Samantha will be starting solids by the end of summer – it’s much better when you know where it came from!

Speaking of Samantha, she is amazing us all the time. She is incredibly strong for a baby her age…the other day she was doing crunches (although I’m sure she doesn’t care about her abs!), she holds all her weight on her legs, and she started jumping around in her jumper chair and exersaucer.

She is much more verbal this week as well. When she is playing there is almost constant noise coming from her – mostly razzing and cooing (of course she stops when we try to take a video!). She is able to keep herself entertained for about a half hour at a time which allows me to do some things around the house.

She always seems to have her thumb in her mouth when she’s not otherwise entertained. Hopefully that won’t be a habit that lasts too long (it’s a hard one to break!).

She is reaching for a lot of things too – she pulls down the toys in her gym and the bouncy seat (thanks Diane and Steve!) and shakes them or tries to put them in her mouth.

Here are a few more pictures from the week:

We really, really hope we get more completed on the bathroom this week! It’s hard now since there is so much outside work to do…

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  1. That yellow bouncy seat is magical - kids love it! That was one of our Hasegawa handouts. You should let him know the next time you see him.