Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Bathroom Work

Samantha got to spend a lot of time with Daddy this week…I spent the first few evenings of the week grouting the shower and bathroom floor.  It took about 10 batches of grout to finish.  Once again we made our own grout color – 1 part Delorean Gray, 2 parts Bright White.  We still have some bullnose tiles to install and grout before we’re fully done. 

On Thursday afternoon we visited a local glass shop to look at some shower doors.  They are coming to the house this week to take measurements and give us a quote.  They said it will take up to 2 ½ weeks until they can install the door – so we won’t be able to shower in there until at least mid-June. 

We did get a lot accomplished this weekend.  There were a few outdoor activities – cutting the grass, watering the garden, etc. but most of the work was bathroom related.  

Saturday afternoon was spent at Lowe's buying the last materials we need for the bathroom.  Chris spent some time putting trim around the door and window – it looks much better now!

We also touched up some drywall, paint, and installed the second medicine cabinet. 

The biggest thing remaining is the vanity.  Back in December we found a second-hand desk unit that we plan on turning into our vanity.  It has plenty of drawers and shelves for a master bathroom and it will be fantastic when it’s done. 

There is a lot of work to do to the vanity but so far everything has gone pretty well.  Obviously we have to work around plumbing which is the majority of the work.  However, the vanity is much shorter than we would like so we have to add some height.  We are going to use a frame of 2”x6” with fancy molding on the outside.  We spent a lot of time Sunday night working on the plan for the vanity – it required many trips up and down steps and a lot of measuring!

So far we have the cuts made for the plumbing lines to come in the back and we installed/modified the half shelf (it used to house a surge protector). 

This was a pretty big week of firsts for Samantha.  On Tuesday she rolled from her back to her stomach for the first time.  Now that’s all she seems to want to do.  For a girl that used to hate tummy time she has been spending a lot of time on her tummy lately!

Now whenever we put her down to sleep (on her back) she almost immediately rolls over.  A common occurrence is to see her flipped and rotated 180 degrees by morning. 

Since it was so hot here this weekend, we decided to take Samantha on her first trip to the pool.  At first she wasn’t too sure about the cool water but eventually she seemed to enjoy it. 

Chris and I both noticed that Samantha’s legs seem thinner this week – we think she finally started growing longer instead of just wider!

Hopefully by this time next week we’ll have grass seed in the front yard and a finished vanity!

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