Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dazzle Dashing

Chris worked to finish up the deck this weekendHe installed the railing on the stairs (a little challenging due to the angle required).  The deck is officially complete but we have a few boards to install to make it look nicer.  We wanted to put up extra rail sides so that it looks the same from inside and outside.  I didn't get to take good full deck pictures though...I'll try for next week.


The dresser that I worked on last weekend was very close - all it needed was some polyurethane and handles.  I was able to put on polyurethane but I still can't find the handles.  It's frustrating to be so close to finishing a project and be halted.

Early in the week I took Samantha to Port Discovery again with some of the moms in my group.  They had a great time again and Samantha was able to crawl all the way up the ramp three times.


We also met the moms, babies, and dads at the Dazzle Dash through the Christmas lights at Symphony Woods.  It was a great time!

Our basket this week contained milk, rolls, hot sausage, monk fish, cheese, peach preserves, sweet potatoes, apples, kale, spinach, broccoli, and the largest portabella mushrooms that I've ever seen. 

The Baltimore Sun was doing an article on the company where we get our food so they asked if I would be interviewed.  I talked to the journalist on Wednesday and just thought she'd use a quote.  It turns out that the whole beginning of the article was about us.  You can read it here:  Friends & Farms

Chris dressed Samantha on Saturday for the OSU v. Wisconsin game - she is cute even when dressed in scarlet and gray. 

Lately she seems to love stuffed animals and in particular her bunny.  She even wanted to take it with her when we went to pick up the food and when she was in her high chair.  Tucker also thinks that it's his and was using it as a pillow today.  Let's hope that they don't fight over it!

I still need to put up her weekly pictures but I'll do it soon!  We hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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