Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Three Day Weekend!!

We had an actual three day weekend due to Veteran's Day.  We needed to buy some additional materials for the deck and they needed to dry a bit first.  So we still have to install the railing for the stairs before it's complete. 

I did get to refinish a dresser that has been in the basement for a long, long time.  It had some issues but nothing that a little wood glue and wood filler couldn't fix.

After a good sanding and cleaning, it was ready to prime and paint.

It has a lot of great detail on it so I glazed it as well.  It really makes it look much better.  The glaze takes 8 hours to dry so we had to move it inside before the cold rain hit.  It needs a good coat of polyurethane and the handles before I can use it for my craft items.  

Chris has been playing around with our new camera...plenty pictures of Tucker and Samantha!



It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week!

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