Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Halloween and Camping Trip!

This was a big week for us.  It started with Hurricane Sandy.  Fortunately we only had a couple branches fall and we didn't lose power at all.  But Chris was home for an extra two days so we were able to accomplish some things inside.  The biggest (and most annoying) was going through all of our clothes.  We have four huge garbage bags full to donate - it's so nice to get rid of things that someone else can use!

Once the hurricane had passed, it was Halloween!  We went around to some of the neighbors just to say "Hi!" and they all thought Samantha looked adorable.  I made her "ear of corn" costume and didn't have a pattern so it has some issues (trying to fit something on a baby while they're crawling away is not easy).  At least people could identify it.




A couple carved pumpkins and we were ready to celebrate!


We tried to get some pictures of Samantha with the pumpkin but it was quite challenging.  These are the best of the bunch.

We decided to brave the cold weather and went camping with friends.  Samantha's friend Charlie and his parents invited us to go to a local campground (in case the babies weren't so keen on it).  It was fun - we hiked, sat around the campfire, and ate s'mores.  It got really cold (37 degrees) at night so Samantha was snuggled up in my sleeping bag.  Hopefully the next camping trip will be warmer!

When we got back from camping on Sunday, we started working on the stairs to the deck.  They aren't finished yet but pretty close.  While Chris was working on those, I assembled our furniture.  

The food baskets are getting into the fall/cold weather foods.  This week we had apple cider, pumpkin bread, milk, chevre cheese, pork, chicken, collards, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, onions, green peppers, and pears. 

As we watch Samantha grow we have noticed that she's showing interest in some things that could be potential careers.  

Future entrepreneur???

 Future teacher???

Future mechanical engineer???

I guess only time will tell!!

Here are a few other pictures from the week:

Maybe next week we can reveal the completed deck (minus paint/stain)!

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