Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

So much was accomplished this weekend.  We are getting ready to (finally) put in our new sidewalk and steps from the driveway to the front porch.  We spent some time digging out the area and making it deep enough to lay gravel and put in the forms for the concrete.

One project that we started and finished in about an hour and a half was putting shelves into the den closet.  This was just used for storage but it wasn't used very efficiently.  Now I can put a lot of my small appliances here and I won't have to run downstairs for them anymore.

On Saturday, I spent some quality time in the heat and humidity to seal the driveway.  Judging by the state of the driveway when we bought the house, we don't think it has ever been sealed.  It is a major improvement!

And one project that I started and failed to get very far was breaking up the concrete pad outside the basement door.  It is some tough stuff!  So instead, we're going to rent a jackhammer for a few hours and remove this and the front steps at the same time.  

I just want to share some fun Samantha photos from the week:

She had a great time playing in the "Patriotic Sensory Box" that we made with my mom's group this week.  She probably played with this for a couple hours throughout the day.

Someone is excited about fireworks!

She is starting to show more hoarding tendencies - this is just about everything from her play kitchen and some random toys (monkey, cow, tractor, etc.) all in her shopping cart.  

Looking stylish in her shades!

This girl loves her sweet corn on the cob!

 And one of her new favorite chores is watering the flowers.

Now back to the weekly grind...

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