Monday, July 15, 2013


Chris had some fun with the jackhammer again this weekend.  And by fun I mean absolutely none at all.  It was really hot and humid so he was not happy. 

This is what the steps looked like before the demolition.  The placement of them has always been a little weird right up against the house. 

We are also replacing the concrete pad outside the basement door.  It has definitely seen better days.  It also is sloped toward the house and it wasn't level.

Samantha made a great supervisor while Chris was breaking up and moving the old concrete.

Because Samantha has been very bad with naps, we didn't get very much accomplished on the form building.  We finally got to work on it after she went to bed for the night - it was late, dark, and there were a lot of mosquitoes. 

We were planning on pouring the concrete on Friday but the weather this week is going to be close to 100.  So now we're planning for the following week which allows us to take our time on the remainder of the forms. 

Samantha is down to one nap a day and it's not going well - she's not sleeping enough and she's exhausted.  Plus she is getting her canine teeth coming in so she's pretty miserable. 

Of course she has been keeping busy.  She finally started playing with her Mega Blocks.  Is she a future architect?

An artist?

She got a nice hairstyle from Daddy during a bath.

Our county library system was named number one in the country.  They threw a big celebration - complete with popsicles!  

Since it was so hot over the weekend, we took Samantha to the local pool and mini water park.  Samantha had a great time running around.  I'm sure we'll be back often!

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