Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sidewalk Success!

A big thanks to my parents this week - we wouldn't have been able to finish all the concrete work without them! 

We worked hard to finish up the concrete forms this week.  Then I hauled about two tons of gravel to line the bottom of each form.  Here's what we ended up with for the sidewalk/steps and the basement slab.

We poured the concrete on Friday morning and it went quite well. 


We decided on an exposed aggregate which adds some steps after the pour is complete.  We still have a couple spots to touch up on the steps but we should be able to complete that this week.  

 We think it is a vast improvement from what we have been using for the last two years! 

Samantha really seems to like the new sidewalk too (please ignore her clothing - she likes to put on socks that she finds around the house).

One other thing I did this week...after over 6 years of Chris whining, I finally baked him a blueberry pie (I just had to post this for proof at a later date!).

And I'll end with a picture of Samantha stopping to smell the flowers.  Have a great week!

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