Monday, August 5, 2013

Porch Work

It may be a little while before we can do some front porch sittin' but we did get some work accomplished on it this weekend. 

Chris removed the old railing which makes it look so big and open.

We also purchased all the lumber for the new posts and railing.  Before we can install them, there are a few things we need to do first.  The previous owners painted the trim all around the house but unfortunately they did not care at all if they got paint on the brick.  So before we can install the new posts, we need to remove the paint.  It took a long time but it looks much better.  Of course we both want to find the person that painted like this and well, I'll leave it to your imagination what we want to do to them!


Chris also spent a good deal of effort to remove the lead that was holding the old railings in place.  We will be able to patch them with some concrete and hopefully it'll remove those giant holes in the porch.  

Samantha finished up her swim lessons this week and she did a great job!  On the last day of class, they were supposed to "jump" from the diving board into the deep end of the pool (with the parents in the pool to catch them).  She enjoyed it so much that she did it twice.  I think swimming is one sport that we'll have to continue.

Today there was a lot of activity outside our house today.  They county is getting ready to repave a lot of roads around here.  So there was a lot of grinding away the old surface, scooping/sweeping up the debris with backhoes and street sweepers, and putting everything in the multiple dump trucks.  She had a good time supervising!

Samantha has been very interested in dressing herself lately - even if it's incorrect or not hers.

Mommy's flip flops...

Shirt inside out and sideways...

And Mommy's work goggles...

And one last picture for the week - she loves watermelon!

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