Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mostly Cute Samantha (and a little porch progress)

Chris worked some more on the porch but did not finish as much as he had hoped.  The posts are installed and faced.  We had to redesign the top railing which required an additional trip to Lowe's and will require more routing. 

The routing is one of the things that has to be done in a very narrow window of opportunity (while Samantha is awake) so hopefully some weekend work will help get it done. 

Since there is not much to write about the house, I will just post more about the cute girl that lives with us. 

Lately, she has started trying to get the dog ready to go for a walk...first she calls him "Dog, Dog!" and then tries to get the collar over his head.  He is too excited for an opportunity to walk but still too wary to try to let her put the collar on.  It's just too funny!

She is getting much better at stacking her large blocks...

...but sometimes struggles to figure out which articles of clothing belong on which body part (but it doesn't stop her from trying!). 

Personally, I think she does it partly to make us laugh!

And the last picture for today - potty reading!!

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