Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor-less Labor Day

I know I was a slacker last week and didn't post but there wasn't anything accomplished on the house and I only had one photo (of Samantha) from the whole week.  I still don't have any work to write about but I'll still fill this post with plenty of photos!

Samantha has been spending a lot of time with friends lately.  We went to the zoo with the Briczinski's a couple weeks ago for Free Day - it was extremely busy but we had a good time.  We also spent the day with them last weekend - Chris and Steve went to the Kegs and Corks festival and Samantha and I hung out with Diane and the boys.  It was a nice relaxing day!

I watched a couple of Samantha's friends the last couple weeks.  Alex and Caleb were both great while they were here.  It is funny though to see how differently they interact with different friends.  Alex and Samantha feed off each others excitement - one screams, the other screams; one runs around, the other follows.  Caleb and Samantha are very kind to one another - Caleb would hold up Samantha's water bottle so that she could drink - and Samantha would reciprocate.

And of course there was the usual library classes, nature center visits, and a trip to the playtime center.  We also went to a Toddler Tailgate that was a lot of fun - and we got to dress in our Steeler gear!

We also had some excitement on the street - they finally paved it after 31 years (according to our neighbor).  Samantha had a good time watching the equipment!

Our family friend was here for a week to watch her granddaughter during the day.  It was very nice to have her here.  Plus we got to have a nice dinner downtown with her daughter and husband too.

Our garden is doing pretty well (better late than never!).  We have a lot of tomatoes and peppers with a bunch of eggplant close behind.


This is the first year that our carrots have grown big enough to eat but they are still pretty short and squat.  I made chicken soup and a chicken pot pie with them (and Samantha ate adult sized portions!).


For Labor Day, we went up to PA for the weekend.  On Saturday, we went up to camp for the day to spend time with aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It was Braden and Beckett's birthdays so we had a nice big party.  Samantha (as usual) was spoiled rotten by everyone - check out her new jewelry, purse, and shades:

She tried to go on a ride in the Power Wheels with Braden but it didn't last long!


On Sunday, we took a trip to the River House to see the progress that my parents have made.  Since the last time we were there, they removed the old addition off the back and installed the foundation for the new one.  

The inside looks similar to the last time but there's much less of it!  They also finished up the mortar in the basement.  It looks much, much better.  

Samantha was ready to help Pap move around some dirt before he returned the backhoe to "Crack House Jim" (who apparently has just about every tool my parents need and don't have themselves).  It's a good neighbor to have!

That's about it!  Hopefully we can get some work done at home this week!

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