Monday, March 10, 2014

Duct, Duct, Wire!

What a big (and dusty) week it's been here.  We hired a company to install our HVAC system (yes, all these years and we haven't had any central AC).  They were here two days installing ducts in the attic.  They have another day this week to finish up the install but there's already a lot of duct in the attic.

In order to put in the vents, they needed to cut into the ceiling plaster. 

I forgot how much dust plaster cutting creates.  Basically, every surface in the house was coated with a fine plaster dust layer. 

I had covered many things with sheets, etc. but it wasn't enough to eliminate any cleaning.  I think I vacuumed the house 5 times in the last week...with much more to do next week.  

We had an electrician come by on Sunday to install the high voltage wire for the air handler and condenser.  He will have to come back this week for the final hookup but it was great to have the rough in complete. 

Chris also got a lot accomplished by roughing in the wiring for the upstairs renovation.  This included moving a couple lights and switches, installing four new lights, and installing several outlets. 

Samantha and I had to hibernate in the basement while the HVAC guys were here so we weren't able to get out or do many crafts this week.  I think it's catching up to her because she has a LOT of energy today!

The weekend was beautiful and we were able to start all of our seeds for the garden this year.  We set up out on the deck and planted our tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, herbs, and some random veggies, as well as some marigolds.  Samantha had a good time playing in the dirt and planting her own flowers and tomato plant.  Hopefully she'll enjoy watching the plants grow and helping care for them.

This week we have more dust producing happening but we'll finally have an HVAC system!


  1. Looks like a lot of work for the guys! Nothing beats having a good HVAC system at home. Makes the winters warmer and the summers cooler, right? I guess a few weeks' worth of work and dust is a reasonable tradeoff for a system that'll work properly for years.
    Dennis Day @

  2. Yes, I'd live with a few days of dust all over the place for years of comfy living in a house with proper HVAC system. How's it doing by now? I hope it's still in great shape! Take care!

    Shelley Coday @ C&C Heating & Air Conditioning

  3. It’s easier to vacuum those dusts out of your place than to feel comfortable without a functioning HVAC, right? Hahaha! Congratulations on your newly installed HVAC system! I can only imagine how satisfied you were when the pros finished the installation. It might’ve been a tough, dusty week for you and your family, but I believe everything was worth it. How is it now, by the way? Hope you’re not having any troubles with it. :D

    Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech Heating and Cooling