Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I don't have any photos of upstairs work to post this week but it doesn't mean Chris was slacking.  On the contrary, he worked hard to finish up the rough in plumbing for the upstairs bathroom.  Most of this work though is buried in the floor, the walls, and the attic. 

There is still some electrical work to finish, floor boards to put back in place, and some random items to complete before we can start hanging drywall. 

It was a pretty quiet week here but Samantha had a great time chasing boys around the house when our friends came over for a play date.  We also went to a play date to make some lion crafts (March comes in like a lion!).

Besides that, here is a picture of Samantha after she dressed herself (apparently she doesn't think sleeveless shirts are only for summer!).

A couple big things for the upcoming week:  The HVAC guys start installation tomorrow on our ducting and my parents will be driving down this upcoming weekend to help hang drywall upstairs.  We will hopefully have a lot of progress to show for it!

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