Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mud, Mud, and more Mud

There's not much to write about this week.  Chris has been working hard upstairs to put more drywall compound on the walls.  We also picked up our stair parts (balusters, rail, newel posts, etc.) so they are ready to install soon.  Plus, the paint is purchased so once the sanding is complete, painting will commence.

Samantha and I have been trying to get out during the days but it's been challenging - I'm huge (and uncomfortable), her friends have new babies, and the weather has been finicky. 

We did go to the library a few times.  One was for a "Storybook Friends" class with Grover and Elmo.  She cried almost the entire time but was so excited to talk about it when we left.  I'm not quite sure I understand but at least she says she had fun.  Here's a picture of her modeling her "Grover Party Hat!"

My due date is Friday but I still think I'm going to be late.  We'll be sure to share news when we have some to share!

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