Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Coming Up Short

We thought this weekend would be the end of patio work...and we were wrong.  We got very close to finishing only to realize that we were short about 100 pavers.  We knew the store wouldn't be open on Friday for Independence Day so we tried to go over on Saturday to buy the remaining blocks.  I called first to made sure they were open and checked their website - no mention of being closed on Saturday.  So we got the kids in the car and drove over only to find that it was indeed closed.
This left us with only two things to work on - the fire pit and remaining wall sections.

To fill the rest of the weekend, we bought and planted some flowers in our planters to make the patio look inviting once it is finished.  We took a look at patio furniture too and realized that we either didn't like it or it was too expensive.  We may just have to borrow some neighbors furniture for the upcoming baptism party.

The work we did accomplish turned out very nice indeed.  The fire pit is ready for action and the walls are very close to finished.  The flowers and plants look great and hopefully will remain nice (I am horrible at remembering to water them!).  Having a party in one week means that we have a lot of work to do - inside and out!

I'll end today with a couple pictures of the kids from the week.  Hope you had a great Fourth of July!

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