Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Patio Progress: 95% Complete (with pictures!)

I know it's been a couple weeks since I posted...life got busy! 

I wanted to provide a little update on the patio - we're still about 95% complete.  We worked so hard to get it ready for the baptism party that we're tired and don't want to do any more right now.  The items still left to be completed are:
  1. Build small wall sections around fire pit area
  2. Remove remainder of dirt/debris/root pile
  3. Bury downspout and extension
  4. Move planter boxes
  5. Landscape 
Some of these items will wait until cooler weather (particularly landscaping).  We think it looks pretty good right now though - and it's functional!

It's also quite an improvement from the "Before" shot.

Last weekend, we took a trip to PA to visit with family and friends.  Traveling more than a couple hours away is rough with the kids but we had a good time. 

We went to a reunion with my parents sports car club.  There was a small pond there so Samantha went fishing with Uncle Rob.  She was pretty good at reeling and carrying worms around but she needed some help with this large mouth bass.  This is her "nice smile" face apparently.

In other news, our garden is definitely the best we've had since we moved here.  Here are a few shots of the produce from the last couple weeks.


We found renters for our condo (the previous tenants moved out a month ago after four years).  In order to get the condo ready for the new tenants, I spent over 16 hours cleaning everything over a few nights.  After dinner each night I would head over and clean until around 11.  It was in great shape when I was done!  I'm tired of cleaning though so I think our house will suffer for a couple weeks.

Now some pictures of cute kids.    

She does love her brother!

She loves him so much that she puts on tea parties for him in the den.

He really is a happy baby...

...with some really crazy hair!

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