Friday, July 18, 2014

Wonderful Baptism Weekend!

We had a very busy but wonderful week.  We worked very hard to finish (95%) of the patio, get the house cleaned, and get food prepared for Josh's baptism.

The baptism itself was great - Josh was the only baby being baptized and the deacon did a fantastic job.  Here are some pictures from after the sacrament (the "baptism" photo is a reenactment).

I'm not sure how we only ended up with one picture of my parents together with Josh but they both had their eyes closed - hopefully someone else got a better one!

We had a lot of family in town for the baptism and we wanted to treat them right for coming so far.  I made a LOT of food for the pre-baptism lunch.  Here are a couple of my more colorful dishes.

Since we don't entertain often, I forgot how much work it is to throw a party but it was definitely worth it!  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family support us. 

I mentioned that the patio is 95% complete - there are still two small wall sections to finish around the fire pit area, some "privacy" lattice to install, landscaping, and dirt removal.  I'll try to get some preliminary "after" pictures to post next week.

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