Tuesday, September 2, 2014

(Mostly) Labor-less Labor Day Weekend

We had a lot of fun this weekend and didn't get much done - which is quite alright with us!  We started the weekend off with a couple football games.  Penn State played in Dublin, Ireland so the game was on in the early morning.  Around halftime we decided to drive into Baltimore to go to the Ohio State v. Navy game. 

It was quite hot but we had fun and it was the kids' first football game.  Of course Samantha's favorite part was the band and the "guy with the funny hat" directing the band.  From these pictures it does look like the family is ready for football season!  (Josh's Penn State football onesie picture had to be taken at 2 months old because he was outgrowing it already!)


We had friends over for a cookout on Sunday after church.  It was fun catching up even though it was incredibly hot outside...it almost makes us wish that the large tree shading the house was still there!  We tried to get pictures of all three boys but the older two were too fast for the camera!

On Monday, after a nice family walk, we decided to clean up some areas around the patio.  Our goal is to be ready to landscape around the patio once the cooler weather arrives.  Of course in the extreme heat (90+ degrees) we were burning roots and hauling giant rocks.  To say we were tired (and overheated) after this would be an understatement.  

 And for comparison sake, here is the before (from two weeks ago) and after shots of the "dirt pile."


It's still a little large but much more manageable.

After the root bonfire we went to another cookout at another friend's house.  Samantha was so excited to see more friends!  It was great to have a three day weekend that wasn't all house work focused.

One other thing we accomplished this week was the harvesting of the hops Chris has been growing.  This was the best hop harvest he's had since starting these over five years ago.  

Samantha was actually a big help pulling all the hops off the vines.  She's very detail oriented so this is right up her alley!

Look at the size of those hops!

One final picture from this evening of the storm clearing out.  We expect the next several weeks are going to have plenty of storms like this but it will hopefully lower the humidity in the process.

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