Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Next year, less tomatoes!

This week we didn’t have much time or energy to do any house work. The only real thing we did was some yard work – cutting the grass and taking care of the garden.

We are dog-sitting again for a friend and it is amazing how difficult it is to get anything accomplished with two dogs underfoot. Normally Tucker would behave and go lay down when we tell him to…no such luck with another dog in the house!

I spent a lot of Saturday morning tackling the weeding of the garden – can you tell that we’ve let it go for awhile?

While I was pulling weeds, Chris was taking pictures of some other things in the garden…

The tomato hornworm covered in eggs…

Our one lone sunflower – all others were eaten by groundhogs/deer/rabbits/squirrels…

And me working in the garden.

We’ve had much better success with our garden this year (trapping 4 groundhogs has definitely helped!). Last year we had a couple tomatoes, peppers, and squash that we were able to eat before the animals got to them. This year we have improved our success with some things (and still failed at others!):

Our successes include:
Tomatoes – an overabundance!
Pumpkins (still TBD)

Our failures include:
Peas – eaten
Lettuce – eaten
Beets – didn’t grow
Beans – eaten
Zucchini – eaten
Squash – eaten
Okra – eaten
Cucumbers – eaten
Corn – semi-failure – not well developed:

Ok, so our corn is really funny looking but at least we got to eat some this year before the deer struck!

A couple minutes after I finished in the garden, it started to rain. It rained and rained until Sunday afternoon. Even with the rain, Chris still brewed a new batch of beer on Saturday.

On Sunday, after church and a huge grocery shopping trip (let’s hear it for super double coupons!), Chris had to go into work for the day. In the meantime, I took our mountain of ripe tomatoes and skinned and de-seeded them so that Chris can cook up some tasty pasta sauce. I had no idea that the whole process would take over 3 ½ hours!

This week Chris will have to work late each night so I’ll be stuck at home with the dogs dreaming about our upcoming bathroom projects…

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