Monday, August 8, 2011

We Have Weak Trees…

We are starting to feel a little more like Tom Hanks in the movie “The Money Pit.” Do you remember the scene when he is outside, leans up against a tree and starts a domino effect with all the trees falling over? Well this week we had another giant branch fall off of our tree in the front yard. This one took about 2 hours to cut up, bundle, and stack. We think we’ll be proactive and cut this tree down before it falls on the house.

If you’re wondering if we’re just being dramatic about the number of fallen trees and limbs on the property, here are a few pictures to remind you of some of the larger ones…

The majority of this week was (again) ridiculously hot and humid. Besides some garden harvesting, we didn’t do much on the house. The weekend was also a wash – I had to go to work on Saturday, Chris went mountain biking, we went to a birthday party, and visited our friends’ new baby. We did get to clean a lot of the house and do some laundry though!

This week we hope to spend a lot of time planning for the new bathroom project coming up.

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