Monday, August 1, 2011

Skocik Family Vacation in the Outer Banks

This week we spent some quality time with the whole Skocik family. We rented two houses in Duck for the week – we were divided into the “quiet” house and the kids’ house.

Chris’ brother, Mark, arrived Friday night from Colorado to travel with us for vacation. We started out early on Saturday and didn’t hit traffic until the last 20 miles. Unfortunately, those 20 miles took us 3 hours to get through.

As would be expected, there was a lot of swimming, sitting on the beach and by the pool, relaxing, and fun. A few of the days were extremely hot and humid but there was plenty of water around to stay cool. Some of the other activities we did during the week were crabbing, kayaking, and driving up to Corolla (no horses to be seen though).

Each night during the week a different group of 4 would cook dinner (except for kid’s night). We’ll just say that it can get a little rowdy when there are 26 people together for dinner each night. We were definitely spoiled with the meals – multiple appetizers, great main courses, fantastic side dishes, and delicious desserts!

I only took 3 pictures during the entire trip. Because of the humidity, every time the camera was taken outside it fogged up. Below is one of the foggy pictures I took – there was a fox hanging out at our pool the first morning.

We had a great time with the family but it’s always nice to be back home. Fortunately we came home to a huge garden harvest – we have cherry and grape tomatoes everywhere! We also ended up with a few nice sized green peppers. We’re so glad that our garden is actually producing this year!

This week they are calling for more hot and humid weather. Chris is also working on an important project at work that may be requiring some overtime – I think it’ll be awhile before we finish any other projects on the house!

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