Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wanted: Motivation

We were very unproductive again this week. Chris worked late every night so I would come home alone, play with Tucker, and make dinner. When Chris arrived home, we would eat and then I’d be so tired that I would go to sleep shortly after.

My parents arrived on Friday evening so they could get across the Bay Bridge early the next morning on the way to the beach. They’re spending the week in Ocean City (closer to Delaware) and will be back this weekend to help us with a couple things – what a nice way for them to end their vacation!

Saturday was actually a pretty fun day. We went to visit with Steve, Diane, and Jared around lunch and in the evening went to our next door neighbor’s “End of Summer” party. Because the party was next door, Chris spent a couple hours in the morning getting the yard in decent shape.

On Sunday, Chris got all ambitious. Chris wants a “TV room” and we had designated the den to become just that. Like most of the projects around here, it is about 90% complete.

The one big issue with the den right now is the wall between the den and sunroom. This was where we re-framed the window openings for our new windows and so we could move up the light switch from our knee level. We’re still not sure why anyone would put lights (or a sliding chain lock) that low to the ground.

A long time ago our contractors had removed the plaster above the window (we’re still not sure why) and replaced it with two sheets of drywall. The problem is that the two sheets of drywall were too thick to match up with the plaster on the rest of the wall.

We had put up a temporary piece of drywall so that we could pass one of our inspections with every plan to replace it. Chris removed the trim and drywall from around the door and windows so we can do the job properly.

We also realized that since we have the trim off, we should replace the door. This door is original to the house and has definitely seen better days!

We went to Lowe’s to look at some replacement doors and think we found the right one – a nice steel door, insulated, with internal blinds in the window. While we’re at it, we might replace the back door in the kitchen as well since it has similar issues (those dogs were destructive!).

This week, Chris is still working a lot of overtime so I’ll be spending some quality time with the dog. Hopefully next week I can write about our wonderful new doors!

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