Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

We had another very busy week.  It included dinner with friends, book club, playing in the snow, going to see the cherry blossoms, hosting a play date, and having an egg hunt. 

We traveled up to Pennsylvania for Easter.  Samantha got to have some fun at a large community egg hunt.  She got to visit the Easter bunny - which she wasn't too happy about!

She got her face painted like a bunny - looking super cute!

And she got to look at all the animals in the petting zoo (they had goats, miniature donkeys, a calf, and llamas).

The egg hunt itself was just about what we expected - out of thousands of eggs, Samantha only wanted to pick up and play with a couple eggs. 

Fortunately, they put tape on all the eggs so that she couldn't open them in the field - but it didn't stop her from trying!

She seemed to have a lot of fun though!

We got to see the progress my parents made on their River House.  It's really coming along well!  They are past a good portion of the demolition and are starting the building phase.  Pretty soon they'll have a floor in the basement!

Easter was great - we went to church, had to hunt for our Easter candy (yes, even at our ages!), and went to my Aunt's house for brunch.  

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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