Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The House With the White Picket Fence

Yes, our house now has a white picket fence.  We installed the fence last year and waited for a nice spring weekend to prime and paint it.  It really makes the fence look finished - plus the grasses will be a nice contrast when they grow up in front of it. 

I used my new power washer to clean off the fence Saturday night and then my new power sprayer to prime and paint on Sunday.  A word of advice - wear a hat when using a paint sprayer outside (I looked like I aged 30 years with all the paint in my hair).

I am so glad that this project is finally finished - I am still incredibly sore from working on it all day so I won't soon forget about it!

The rest of the weekend was spent having fun and doing a little bit of work.  We went to the Howard County GreenFest where we got another rain barrel to install.  That brings it up to 220 gallons that we can store at a time.  It definitely helps when we need to water the garden in the middle of a drought!

We also picked up a little bit of mulch and put it in the flower beds at the end of the driveway.  They are not fully finished but look much better - especially now that the tulips are blooming.

Chris planted some flowers in the hanging planters on the front porch that adds a little color.

Some of our vegetable plants are looking great!  This is a picture of some of our pepper plants.  We are a little concerned about our tomato plants but we have been putting them outside on nice days to get some natural sunlight.  We hope they perk up soon. 

We had some fun this week in addition to the work.  Our friend Kate was in town and stayed over one night after her meetings.  It was great to get to see her for a little while!

Samantha and I had a lot happening this week.  We went to multiple play dates and had fun outside.  It was in the 90s this week so I got to pull out a lot of her summer clothes.

One evening we spent outside and I finally got a video of her laughing at Tucker running.  This went on for quite some time (until Tucker got tired!).  

She has been walking so well lately - I have to chase her around the house all day.   Since it was so hot, a couple afternoons she went around just in her diaper.  Lately she has been putting this purple bucket on her head and the St. Patrick's Day beads around her neck.  She thinks it's great.

The bucket has been a big hit for putting rocks and flowers into as well.  

We've just been having so much fun with her lately.  She's moved from "baby" to "toddler" very quickly.  Most of it is great (but we could do without the tantrums!).  

Let's hope that the weather resembles spring for a little longer so that we can finish some outdoor activities!

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