Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Cleaning

This week was a little light on house activities during the week.  But this weekend we got down to business and did a lot of work outside - removing brush/debris, transplanting trees/shrubs, etc., etc. 

We haven't really had a chance to enjoy nice "spring" weather (temperatures in the 60s).  It is supposed to be in the 80s here all this's times like this I wish I lived back in Pennsylvania!  Hopefully we'll get a few more nice days so we can get things accomplished without melting outside.
On Saturday, Chris had another beekeeping field day.  He plans on getting his bee equipment in the next couple weeks so we'll be sure to keep you updated.

A few weeks ago we had hired a landscape architect to come up with our landscaping plan for two sides of the house.  We met with her on Saturday and went through the entire plan.  We have to install the sidewalk and retaining wall before we get to put in any plants. 

There were very few clouds this weekend so we had our top power producing day so far.  On Saturday we ended up with over 59 kWh of power generated!

While Samantha napped on Saturday, Chris and I started spring cleaning.  We only were able to finish the den but it was a major improvement!  However, we also reaffirmed that we both work in very different ways and decided from now on we'll each be assigned a room to clean instead of working together.  Hopefully that will help!

Chris has a potential award winning beer - the Zymurnauts (his homebrew club at work) is have an inter-center competition with the rest of NASA.  His beer was selected to represent Goddard Space Flight Center in the Brown Ale category.  The competition is in a couple weeks so we'll keep our fingers crossed.

This week was the first time I had to leave Samantha for more than a few hours.  I had a two day training for work (I have two more two day sessions coming up).  My friends Becky and Mindy watched Samantha those days.  I guess she had a great time playing with her friends Grayson and Maddie - they even went to a new play space. 

They say that she was good so hopefully they're giving me the full report!  One funny thing that happened was when Samantha took a toy off of Grayson.  Samantha grabbed it and started walking away.  Grayson got up and started chasing after her.  They are both new walkers and still look like slow, drunken sailors.  I guess it made for a pretty funny/awkward slow speed chase!

Samantha has made a lot of progress with her walking this week - she wants to walk all over the place now.  It does make getting to the playground a little more of an adventure though!

She just started saying "woof" when asked what sound a dog makes.  It's so funny because she says "VOOF!! VOOF!!" so we think she's acting German.

I dressed her in a cute dress for church on Sunday and tried to get a picture but she wouldn't smile. 

Although it is better than her "Forrest Gump" impression:

This week we hope to get more done in the spring cleaning - and try to stay cool!

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