Monday, December 16, 2013

Pre-Christmas Fun!

Now that Christmas is right around the corner, we've been spending some time relaxing and having fun.  Although that doesn't mean that there is no work happening!

Chris worked in the hallway and linen closet to finally finish it up.  It is all ready for paint and shelves so I'll post some photos when it's complete.  

We got some more snow here on Tuesday (work was closed) so we enjoyed playing in it that afternoon.  Samantha really enjoyed sledding (although it was hard work for Mommy and Daddy to trudge up the hill each time!).  

She also made a pretty nice snow angel.  I am regretting teaching her how to make an angel because she tried on the floor of a store over the weekend!  I'll have to emphasize that it is only done outside in the snow...

We had some other fun events this week including a cookie exchange, decorating Christmas tree cones (icing and M&Ms on a sugar cone), My Gym, and library story time.

One of the best was the train garden with the Briczinskis.  Although the boys enjoyed it more than Samantha, she still had a lot of fun.  

She got a coloring book and a plastic fireman's helmet (which she's been asking to wear around the house).  The antique fire engine was pretty cool too!

On Sunday afternoon we went to a Christmas concert at our church.  Samantha did a great job sitting through the whole thing and got plenty of waves and smiles from those around us.  

It's hard to believe that Christmas is ten days away but with the exception of cookie baking, we're ready!

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