Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Twelve Days of Home Renovation - October

On the eleventh month of home renovation we completed some additional landscaping, started installation of the retaining wall, finished the master bathroom and started preparation for the patio installation.

The landscaping went in fairly quickly even though it took us almost four years to install any - the before photo is pretty awful!

The retaining wall installation was fairly straightforward but took several evenings to complete (working with toddlers around is a challenge!).

We decided to purchase all of the material for the retaining wall and patio at the same time so these pallets of material will be here for awhile. 

Chris started working on removing the giant roots and stump that were remaining from the enormous tree that used to be in that area.

The master bathroom had been 95% complete for about a year so we finally finished it - a few more tiles, some shelves, caulk, and touching up some paint before it was done.

And October wouldn't be complete without pumpkin picking, visiting a farm, and going trick or treating!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next installment of the Twelve Days of Home Renovation!

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