Monday, December 9, 2013

Twelve Days of Home Renovation - January

On the second month of home renovation we were completely focused on the basement. 

We were attempting to finish 500 sq. ft. of the basement for Samantha's first birthday party in February (giving us a mere six weeks to finish).  Here is the ultimate plan for the basement:

This part of the basement (after we removed all the junk) looked like this:

Due to the roots from the large trees near the house, we had to level the floor with some self-leveling concrete.

We wanted the space to be useable and warm so we put in a lot of insulation and elevated subfloors.

We put in all new lighting and plenty of drywall.

The stairs also needed a major makeover.  Here's a picture of what they looked like when we bought the house and how they looked during basement construction.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next installment of the Twelve Days of Home Renovation!

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