Thursday, December 19, 2013

Twelve Days of Home Renovation - November

On the twelfth month of home renovation we finished the retaining wall, finished the landscaping, went to a bar mitzvah, and ate a lot of turkey.

The retaining wall was finished this month and it is quite an improvement on pictures we took when we bought the house.

We went to our first ever bar mitzvah this year.  It was for our next door neighbors' son and it was a great party.  Samantha really enjoyed dancing!

We also got to see the baby during the 20 week sonogram.  We think the baby has Samantha's nose and big feet!

I continued to help Samantha contribute to the running of the house by teaching her to clean the oven!

No month would be complete without some crafts (like handprint turkeys).

Following Thanksgiving, Samantha was less than thrilled to meet Santa Claus after the Light Up Night parade!

We hope you enjoyed the Fourth Annual Twelve Days of Home Renovation!  We hope next year gets us even closer to "finishing" the major renovations!


  1. Hooray for the successful renovations! It's better to see slow progress with satisfying results. Hehe! Anyway, have you posted any story about the initial plans that you've made? I'm making last minute changes in the blueprint, and I'm looking for some inspirations. Hope you can share some ideas. Thanks! :)

    Yolande Leake @

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