Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Twelve Days of Home Renovation - February

On the third month of home renovation we were still working hard to complete the basement for the party.  

There was much more drywall installation and more drywall compound than you can imagine!

Painting trim means that we're almost done...

And with some paint, carpet, and decorations, we were ready for a party!

This super sweet girl had a great first birthday party with family and friends.

With a rainbow themed party, we had plenty of colorful food (on our nice new carpet!).

The stairs looked much nicer (even though they weren't complete) and much safer for little ones.

Once the party in the basement was over, we took a nice break.  We did get some small things accomplished the rest of the month.  Installing curtains was one of these tasks.

We didn't forget about the garden this year - February is a great time to start planting seeds to have plenty of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant in the summer. 

The exciting news of the month was that our solar panels were going to be installed the next month!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next installment of the Twelve Days of Home Renovation!

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