Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Second Birthday Money Pit!!

Time flies when you’re having fun! We definitely slowed down on the house projects in the second year of owning the Money Pit but we still got a lot accomplished. So without further ado, here is the beginning of the 2nd Annual 12 Months of Home Renovation!

On the First Month of Home Renovation…(December)

Year 2 started with a new (brief) addition to the family. Fortunately, Patch eventually found a nice family (after going through about half a dozen others first!).

December was filled with parties, travel, and shopping but we did get a couple house related things started.

Our next door neighbors gave us an old dresser that was in pretty bad shape so I started stripping and sanding it.

The old pantry in the hallway was being turned into a half bathroom – and was only roughed in at this point. Our contractor had done a very poor job on the drywall (including closing it up before it was inspected – a big problem). We had to remove the drywall to pass the inspection. This month, Chris started fixing the wall in the half bathroom to cover the rough in plumbing. He also started putting down the cement board for the tile.

This was also the month that we got our venison back from the deer incident and bought a freezer.

And finally, Chris won his first homebrew beer award!


  1. Wow I must have missed the deer post! That is a crazy story. It's too bad the deer had to suffer but at least you didn't let the meat go to waste. We just butchered our own deer this fall for the first time. We've both helped with the process before but never done it from start to finish ourselves before. It was a TON of trimming fat off the meat. We turned all of it into hamburger with a meat grinder and kept a few steaks. Now I have to get using it all so I have room for other stuff in our mini chest freezer!

  2. I'd love to know if you find any good venison recipes - we're just not quite sure to do with all of it. In hindsight I wish we had more ground - we use that a lot more than the other cuts.