Friday, December 9, 2011

On the Third Month of Home Renovation…(February)

Even though it was still cold and snowy, we knew that spring was just around the corner. We started the seeds for our garden. We planted a ton of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc., etc.

For a very long time the side of the front yard has been a pretty big jungle – just full of giant, ugly bushes, vines, rocks, and surprisingly beer cans and bottles. We spent quite a bit of time removing everything. It was amazing how much extra space we had in the yard afterwards!

We had a giant eyesore on the side of the house – the mudroom. It was actually a pretty solid structure. I removed the windows and doors, and all the shingles. Chris removed the roof and walls. Chris’ dad helped with the sledge hammer to remove the cement block foundation. You can still see the outline from the mudroom but the room itself is long gone!

While we were removing the ceiling of the mudroom we discovered a family of mummified dead squirrels. It was pretty creepy!

Later in the month I started removing the vines that had grown up the fence all around the property. I also removed the barbed wire that was at the very top of the fence. We figured we didn’t need the barbed wire since Tucker is a little nicer than the last dogs that lived here. Tucker was even there to help me remove debris – and supervise!

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