Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the Fourth Month of Home Renovation…(March)

In March the weather finally broke and we were able to get a lot of work done outside. Of course Tucker was helpful as always...

The garden was tilled so we were all set for planting when the weather got warmer.

We had so much yard debris on the property that we realized that we needed to hire someone to remove it for us. It took them seven very large trailer loads to get rid of it all – it would have taken us many, many trips to the dump to do the same!

Removing leaves from the gutters has never been high on our list of fun activities. We decided to add a gutter cover – it was a quick job that ends up saving a ton of time in the long run – plus I got to play on the roof.

The only project we did inside was to get ready for some houseguests. Chris’ sister and her family were coming for their spring break so we needed to get the upstairs bedroom ready in a hurry. They were a little shocked that the room went from the “before” picture to the “after” in under a week.

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