Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nursery Progress

We didn’t get much done in the bathroom this week – we were busy getting things ready to set up the nursery.

For the bathroom, we were able to put up the first section of glass tile. We started putting up the diagonal ones, found a problem, got frustrated, and then quit. We’ll work on it more this week.

In order to set up the nursery (aka the small bedroom) we needed to remove the furniture. In order to remove the furniture, we needed to get the upstairs ready to house the furniture. Friends of ours had given us their old carpet when they put in hardwood. We have had it sitting upstairs for about a year and a half and all we’ve used is for the upstairs bedroom.

The most challenging part of this was that we had to move everything multiple times to lay the whole carpet (the upstairs is currently storing things that we had to move for the bathroom work). Notice the incredibly ugly tile on the floor (and the multiple types of tile in the “kitchenette” area). I find it amazing how much more welcoming the upstairs feels now that it has carpet – I might actually want to spend time up there now! Don’t mind all the boxes!

My parents drove down on Saturday morning to help us with some things and to bring down our gifts from my baby shower. The first task was to move the furniture to the upstairs bedroom.

Everyone else started unloading the van while I started assembling the baby’s crib. I had heard stories about how difficult it can be to assemble these but it was really easy – I’m guessing the people that have trouble don’t read the directions or don’t do much work with tools! Also, take a look at the beautiful quilt my mom made for the baby!

After the van was unloaded, Chris and Dad started work to re-frame the door from the master bedroom to the master bathroom. Initially they had framed it according to the information they got from calling the guy at Lowe’s – unfortunately the information was for the door frame size instead of the rough opening size. Once they re-framed, they installed the door – it really looks like the entrance to a bathroom now (of course it still needs some paint, trim, and a doorknob!).

While they were working on the door, Mom and I were working on installing the trim in the nursery. We had to re-use some of the old trim and then installed new shoe molding. I applied the painter’s caulk and Mom followed up with paint. She also put a new coat of paint on the top of the dresser and nightstand so I can soon start filling them with tiny baby things!

On Sunday, Mom and I picked up an Exersaucer from a Freecycler (I love this group!). It was an older model but in great condition – a little bit of cleaning and it’ll be like new!

When we got back, Chris and Dad went to buy an extension ladder. Unfortunately there must have been a run on them for all the guys putting up Christmas decorations because they were all out at our Lowe’s – they finally found one at another store.

We needed the extension ladder in order for them to install the soffit vents that attach to the bath fan ducting. It will be nice to have a fan in the bathrooms – we’re tired of having “sweating walls” after we shower!

After Mom and Dad left, we were a little lazy. We watched some football and I decorated a little bit for Christmas. In the evening, Chris organized the tools in the workshop area – a task that was long overdue!

We hope that by the end of this week we‘ll have a fully tiled bathtub surround! That would put us one big step closer to not having to use the upstairs bathroom!

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